Granary District

The Granary District Project Area was historically utilized as an industrial and railroad corridor serving Salt Lake City. More recently, additional housing and service-oriented commercial developments have been added to the project area’s mix of land uses. The redevelopment plan aims to create mixed-use neighborhoods that support commercial businesses and services by improving public infrastructure, addressing deterioration, preserving historic structures, financially supporting adaptive reuse development, and creating open space. Granary District is the only project area to have a financial program all its own, The Granary District Adaptive Reuse Loan Program. This unique forgivable loan program has helped bring new local businesses to the Granary neighborhood through providing financial assistance to renovate structurally sound industrial buildings to serve more modern and active uses.


The Bicycle Collective

The Bicycle Collective has expanded to a new location in the Granary neighborhood. This innovative facility includes a spacious retail area, a fully equipped community bicycle repair shop, a professional workspace for mechanics, classrooms, administrative workspaces, and storage for donated bicycles. The Collective’s social impact and neighborhood activation has already begun—even before it opens its doors for business. The RDA Board approved a $2.25 million loan for the construction of the facility. The new location is expected to be completed by the end of 2023 and will become a vibrant community hub promoting cycling culture and sustainable living.

20.11.16 Bicycle Collective Exterior A no trees

Fisher Brewing

The Granary District Adaptive Reuse Program offers financial support to the often-costly process of converting industrial buildings in the Granary District into updated spaces to serve a new purpose. Fisher Brewing is a two-time beneficiary of this program, having received a $136,962 loan, which they used to expand their brewery and a previous 2016 loan for the former auto shop’s initial conversion. The expansion includes extra tavern space, brewing areas, and outdoor dining facilities, which will surely help to further enliven the Granary neighborhood and draw more people into the area.

Fisher Brewing RDA
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