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Central Ninth Logo

West Temple Gateway

Home of the Central Ninth Neighborhood

In 1987, the RDA created the West Temple Gateway (WTG) Project Area, located within the boundaries of Main Street and 300 West, and 600 South and Fayette Avenue (990 South). The purpose of this project area is to encourage transit-oriented development, support both the Central Ninth neighborhood and downtown Central Business District, and provide an attractive urban environment.

The RDA's contributions to this area include the 900 South TRAX Station, 900 South 200 West intersection corner improvements, Jefferson and Washington Street beautification projects, and the reconstruction of eight alleyways. The 900 South TRAX Station was the first light rail stop to be built in a residential neighborhood and upon its opening, increased access for the residents and local businesses.


The RDA has worked closely with the Central Ninth community to brand this unique downtown neighborhood. Central Ninth includes the blocks that directly surround the 900 South Trax station. It boasts locally owned businesses and is becoming home to more creatives and entrepreneurs than ever before. It has a diversity of families and residents that call this neighborhood home. To learn more about CENTRAL NINTH DEVELOPMENT click here.

For information on our construction and renovation loan programs visit our Programs page.


Current Redevelopment Activities


Development Opportunities

The first of five development Requests for Proposals (RFPs) were released in 2014 and developers selected (see below). The RDA will release the additional RFPs during 2015 and 2016. To learn more about the types of development the RDA will be requesting, see the RDA's power point presentation here: Central Ninth Development Presentation (PDF). To see a schedule of upcoming RFP release dates and the property locations, visit the CENTRAL NINTH DEVELOPMENT page here. Projects currently underway are detailed below.


--Upcoming Development Opportunities Schedule HERE--


Parcel #1: Central Ninth Market & Row Houses (2015) C9 Market & housing

Central Ninth Development Partners and its proposal for a commercial project with adjacent row houses was selected because of its combination of quality architecture and committed tenant pool that includes 5 local businesses and a non-profit. The project will introduce a neighborhood market, bistro, bakery, and other restaurants to the neighborhood. This project is expected to break ground in late spring 2015.


Parcel #2: Jefferson Walkway & Housing (2015

In an effort to make the Central Ninth neighborhood more pedestrian friendly and vibrant, the RDA will build a public sidewalk bisecting the 800-to-900 South block of Jefferson Street. This sidewalk will connect Jefferson Street to 200 West and the TRAX station. Local developer Benchmark Modern will build six urban cottages along the sidewalk’s perimeter that will be offered for sale in early 2016. Benchmark Modern will also renovate and sell an existing home adjacent to the walkway. Benchmark Modern will break ground on this project in early summer 2015.


868 South Jefferson: Construction of a Single Family House (2014-2015)868 House

Chris Talvy of Imbue Design was selected to design and build a single family residence that he will occupy on Jefferson Street. The house is currently under construction and includes a detached garage with living space above that Chris will be able to rent out. This project is expected to be complete by spring 2015.



New Zoning Focused on Pedestrians and Improving Building Form (2014)

In 2014, SLC established new zoning in this RDA Project Area. During 2012 and 2013, a variety of public open houses and workshops were held and extensive public input and feedback was received and incorporated into the development of the zoning. The new code puts more emphasis on the form of buildings and how they impact the street and shared public space. The Central Ninth community cares about the built environment and wants to ensure that new development is thoughtful and intentional. The formalized Form Based Urban Neighborhood zoning code can be found here.


Central Ninth Neighborhood Logo Development & Branding Campaign (2013)

During 2013, Central Ninth community representatives were selected to guide a branding process and help select the final logos. The community was then asked to vote on these logos. Below is the selected logo that is now being used on street banners, other street improvements, and by the local Central Ninth businesses.


 C9 logo


Amenities & Infrastructure (2012-2016)

In 2012, the RDA surveyed the Central Ninth community to determine which neighborhood “amenities” they preferred most, with the goal to make their neighborhood more vibrant and livable.  Survey respondents identified streetscape improvements as the most preferred neighborhood amenity. The RDA Board (City Council) has set aside some funding for streetscape improvements in Central Ninth, and the RDA is currently pursuing a cost analysis and other preparatory steps toward these improvements, as well as potential opportunities for the other options to improve the pedestrian and urban environment. Anticipating that streetscape improvement projects can often take several years, the RDA installed some temporary, initial improvements in 2014 to help beautify the Central Ninth intersection:

  • Beautification of corners at 200 West and 900 South
  • Planters with landscaping
  • C9 Branding on planters
  • Street banners

Future street improvements that are being analyzed to improve the pedestrian environment and to help brand and beautify 900 South include:

  • Narrowing of the street in some areas to calm auto traffic and increase pedestrian and bike comfort and safety
  • Bulb outs to decrease distance pedestrians must cross
  • Various paving treatments to better identify crosswalks and help identify the Central Ninth neighborhood (similar to street treatment at 9th & 9th)
  • Make streetscape consistent, including on-street parking by converting random hardscaped park strips to angled parking
  • Provide unique public art, seating, lighting, and bike racks to beautify the neighborhood

West Temple Gateway and Granary District Redevelopment Strategy (2010-2011)

The 2011 Redevelopment Strategy for the West Temple Gateway (WTG) and Granary District (GD) RDA Project Areas was developed by the National Development Consultants to help guide the RDA's strategic redevelopment of this area. The Strategy identified impediments to development and existing challenges such as antiquated zoning and lack of transit-oriented regulations, as well as other steps the RDA could take to better facilitate development.

The documents below outline this information and include conceptual site designs for RDA-owned property in the West Temple Gateway Project Area (map). Additionally, analysis and conceptual site designs were included for the City-owned "Fleet Block" in the Granary District Project Area (map). See Property Approach, pg 26-35. A more finalized Strategic Plan was developed during the 2015-2016 RDA goals and budget process and can be found at www.slcrda.com/stratplans.

The Strategy consists of four documents:

  • Executive Summary (PDF) - A summary of the Strategy recommendations and findings.

  • Redevelopment Guide (PDF) - Market analysis, sample cities, & Key Strategy Recommendations (last several pages).

  • Property Approach (PDF) - Impact of constraints, zoning analysis and recommendations, and Opportunity Site recommendations that include proposed density, use, and timeline, sample Proformas, sample site plan and design.

  • Design Guidelines (PDF) - Street/building design elements to improve quality, walkability, and safety.

West Temple Gateway Projects (Archive)



Signature Floors/961 S 300 W (2000)

Prospect Partners/754 S 200 W (2004)

SNT Enterprises/231 W 800 S (2005)

BTH Company Development Housing Atlas Architects and Blue Copper Coffee Room (formerly Nobrow Coffee)/175 W 900 S (2013)


Housing Projects

Wilford Apartments/932 S 200 W (2001)

Green Street Partners/925 S 200 W (2002)

Washington Street Townhomes (2006)

868 Talvy New SFH (2015)



Jefferson Street Beautification (1997)

Washington Street Beautification (1998)

200 W 700 S Light Rail Improvements (1998)

900 South TRAX Station/900 S 200 W (2005)

900 South Street Beautification (2005)

Alleyway Improvements (2007)

People's Portable Garden/877 S 200 W (2009)

Children's Miracle Network/710 S 200 W (2009)

Central Ninth Community Branding (2013)

900 South Street Beautification (2014)


Public Art

900 South TRAX Station (2005)

The People's Portable Garden/877 S 200 W by Greg Ragland (Spring 2010) 

Project Area Info


Base Year: 1987

Sunset Year: 2018

Tax Increment Acres: 92

Project Area Map

2015-2018 Strategic Plan


The People's Portable Garden




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