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Project Areas

Redevelopment agencies establish special districts known as "project areas," with the goal of revitalizing properties, businesses, and neighborhoods in these areas. Project areas must be located within the municipal boundaries of the representing redevelopment agency. The Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake City (RDA) has nine project areas (map) within Salt Lake City, two of which are not  eligible for tax-increment collection, and one which is a CDA instead of a URA. The RDA utilizes tax increment from a project area to fund urban renewal projects and programs within that same area, thus continuously recycling funds over the lifetime of the project area. Businesses and residents within RDA project areas benefit from access to the RDA's programs and from the private investment spurred by RDA activities.

Click here to learn more about the RDA or visit our Finances page to understand how tax increment works. For more information on the role of redevelopment agencies statewide, and the Community Development and Renewal Agencies Act, visit the Utah Redevelopment Association.

To read more about our RDA project areas and projects choose from the links below. 

Project Area Types


In 2007, the Utah State Legislature defined three types of project areas that redevelopment agencies in Utah can create. One project area type is called an "Urban Renewal Area" (or "URA"), which is similar to traditional project areas. A URA can be created for the purpose of removing blight, as defined in Section 17C-2-303, Utah Code Annotated. URAs also give RDAs the power of eminent domain for the first five years of the project area's life. Except for the North Temple Viaduct CDA, all of the project areas currently established by the RDA are URAs, however, the power of eminent domain has expired in all of these URAs.

Two newer types of project areas designated by the Utah State Legislature are known as a "Community Development Area" (or "CDA"), and an "Economic Development Area" (or "EDA"). The purpose of CDAs are to create a public benefit through community development, where the purpose of an EDA is to promote the creation of new jobs using development as a tool. Both CDAs and EDAs are not limited in size, but do not provide the power of eminent domain to the RDA.

RDA Project Areas

Baseball Stadium 1993
Central Business District 1983-2040
Central City 1981- Current
Depot District 1999-2023
Granary District 1999-2023
North Temple Viaduct (CDA) 2010
North Temple 2011-2037
Sugar House 1986-2014
West Capitol Hill 1996-2023
West Temple Gateway 1987-2018
Block 70 CDA 2013

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